waxing poetic

I give you my ruminations in the form of two poems, trivially titled.
You may interpret them as you please.
You may hate them as you please.

But please, listen to this beautiful piece I stumbled upon today. As you read.

An accompaniment.

Alexandre Desplat - Wong Chia Chi's Theme (Lust, Caution)

And thank you.




If pineapples could jump
And lizards could fly

If you had no lump
Then you and I
On a pineapple
On a lizard
We could jump
We could fly

But you fly alone
O little matchbox girl
With too few matches
And too many cells



She danced your way
Out of my heart
The gypsy
The ballerina 
The magician

I stood and watched
As you both twirled
On the porch of my heart

I stood and watched
As she turned 
To close the door

I stood and watched
As you disappeared into the distance
An embrace, that

Twirled and twirled and twirled.



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