Organize, disorganize.

Hullo hullo.

You have missed me, I am sure. And, [as I used to write in the diary, which I, aged 12, shamelessly nicknamed  "Rosa"], I have missed you too. So I apologize for the promise of blogging more (creative). It has obviously not been kept.

My mother has been continuously harassing asking me gently to reorganize the mess in my room. And she's been at it for months, erm, actually, a little more than a year.

So yesterday was the day I consecrated to pulling things out of my drawers, folders, envelopes. And throwing them out. Or lovingly clutching onto them.

I was finally able to get rid of that massive collection of clothing tags, I really (really) could not live without, save for the ones that looked pretty.
[Seriously, don't we all save them up in a box, and refuse to let go of them? Or is it just me?]

I threw out all the wrinkled papers with the tiny notes in the corner. The ones my friends used to write for me during class time. They reminded me too much of school. Not anymore.

[Funny story since we're speaking of school and studying: When I used to "study" at home, I actually used to read. And whenever my mom walked into the room, I would hide the book in a drawer, or push it clumsily underneath my school books. That must explain the glorious 8/20 grade I received on my final math exam.]

And I threw out every business card I ever collected. (Why did I collect them, you ask? Because people convince you, that since you are studying to be a designer, you need to hold on to every single business card that comes your way, "for inspiration".) I threw them out, to spite what's left of the graphic designer in me. You know you can find those numbers with one google search.

And I threw out those magazines I read when I was twelve, but which I still kept to show to my daughter. [Exactly the same way my mom kept the books of her teenage years for me. I read exactly one book out of them.]

And countless things my drawers could have survived without. Freedom to the drawers! (would they have said if my drawers could speak and start a revolution.)

But there were things I couldn't bring myself to throw out. Yet.

I kept the subway map of New York (in case I ever go back.) And the metro map of Paris (in case I ever need it). Neither of which I'll ever use. But I'd rather live in denial than risk throwing them out.

I kept my parents' old pictures, the tickets to the concerts I've been to, my school IDs, my university IDs and the cards I made my mom when I was nine.

And I don't think I'll ever get rid of them. Which is why I'll show you some pics. Brace yourselves.

A few of my school/University IDs. One embarrassing photo after the other.

This is a selection of my dad's photos. "My dad through the years," I would call it. It's brilliant how much a mustache and a haircut can change a person. And can accurately mark a period.

My dad, vintage.

The old 1000LBP. Maybe in twenty years the 20000LBP will be the bill with the smallest value.

A few of the concerts I've attended in the past three years. (There were more, such as this one time. When I walked in on my mom confidently getting rid of the tickets, it was too late. They were already gone. She thought they were garbage!!!!!! She was never forgiven.)

The school agendas I used to choose wisely right before school started. It was the best only thing I enjoyed about going back to school.

My diary. As you can see, the name "Rosa" fits it well. I was twelve years old, okay??

The diary still has some empty pages.
IMG_4331 by Sarouette
"8 to 12". Yeah right. I read that well into my thirteen/fourteens.

Now. Please don't be scared of this ugly picture. It's only to show you what I've done with my papers. I've put them in this neat folder where there is no way they can fall out easily. But, it's good because they are all in one place. All the IDs, the remaining business cards, the birthday cards, the metro maps etc.

I must specify that this card was done for easter but it reads the following message:
"Joyeuses Pâques pour tout le monde! Et le plus pour ma mère parce que le Dimanche était la fête des mères!"
So Happy Easter for everyone! But mostly for my mother because sunday was Mother's Day!
Really? So I slacked off making the mother's day card and instead wished my mother a happy mother's day through an easter greeting card? Really? No, because the mother's day card is right under this one!! :)

card-1 by Sarouette
"De ta chère petite fille, Sarah Oweida. Je t'aime. Je t'offre cette carte et je te souhaite une bonne fête des mères."
From your dear little girl (quite the humble one, I was,) Sarah Oweida. I love you, and I offer you this card to wish you a happy mother's day.

On this note, my dear readers, I leave you.
I hope to keep my promise of blogging more (creative and less about me.)

See you soon!


  1. Nice! :) it's crazy how your mess looks like my mess when I organized my stuff a year ago!

  2. :)

    It's the graphic design mess!
    ps: my stuff is still nowhere near organized. :(

  3. Made me smile all the way! Kudos.


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