Vintage Papa

Okay, I won't lie. I got inspired by the Sartorialist for posting this vintage picture of my dad.

Truth be told, up to one-and-a-half a year ago, I had no idea what vintage meant. Now, suddenly, I've begun to overuse the word. Okay. I just thought I should dedicate this short and sweet post about this picture, which I carry all the time in my wallet, to my dad. [In other words, if you ever find a lost wallet with that picture in it, you know who to contact, so I'll be counting on you.]

I love this picture. It makes him look like a Bee-Gees singer. When in fact this picture was taken in 1976. Here, he had [according to my aunt, his sister, and my goldfish memory] run away from Lebanon, and was taking refuge in Syria. 

But I'll always like to think of him as a member of the Bee-Gees. Always, always stayin' alive.


ps: see? I'm blogging more. 
pps: This blogging thing might become an obsession. Like instagram. More like hashtag instaobsession.
ppps: I will be having a Vintage Mama post soon, mom. :)


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