a change was always meant to come

Yes. This is right.

We’re not in march yet, and I’m onto my second post of the week!

Let me explain to you something. I gather you don’t recall the promise I made to be more prolific?
I think it's pretty obvious that I never kept that promise.

But this changes today. And for your sake, my dear readers, you can now expect more and more volubility from me. About twice or three times a week. [let’s discover together how long I’m going to last.]

Here’s the schedule:
Toast and diet cheese in the morning with one glass of milk, raisins at 10:00am, salad and steak for lunch, and NO CARBS at night.
Just kidding. [This is one of those jokes that leaves you perplexed and about to cry. I’m sorry.]

No really, here’s the schedule: [subject to change at personal whim]

Monday will be movie review day [filled with self-deprecating comments towards my lack of criticism skills. I will discuss a recent film I’ve seen. (the most recentest? Does that exist?)]

Thursday will be book day! Here, I will offer book commentaries pertaining to the latest book I’ve read of course, but it’ll be cool and enjoyable [for me at least], because I’m superficial by nature, which means I won’t bore you with deep grim thoughts. I don’t do grim or difficult. That would once again explain my forever failing math grades]

And the Weekend will be surprise day! [Before you get too excited, no, cakes and rainbows won’t comes popping out of your computer screens, though how cool would that be? A surprise means you’ll be getting something based on my mood. An incomprehensible illustration, perhaps? An anecdote? Or simply… nothing at all! That last one would be a cool lazy and unexpected unfortunate surprise.]

That’s it for now.

Livin’ la vida loca cheesy.

Ps: As you can see, I have added some fun, uninteresting widgets onto my sidebar… [for you to ignore as you scroll rapidly to the bottom of the post, looking for anything more interesting than my ranting and my babble!]


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