the phone stunt

Good news.
Today, I bring to you my fellow readers, one of my most embarrassing episodes so far.
Now as you all know, training in running to pass an endurance exam at school has led me to believe that I am a born runner. In other words, that even if I did not practice for as long as a year, I can be super enduring and run for a long time after the passage of this one year.
This statement is wrong, of course.
And I though that by buying some new running shoes, I could slip into the body of the perfect sporty person, and run as if I had been doing it on a regular basis.
Not so much, unfortunately and I will tell you why.
When I went running tonight, I was not well equipped. Meaning that when you go running, you need a specific sporty attire, that will help you run smoothly. Sure, I had the shoes. But while you're running, you should not have to worry about adjusting you shirt from moving up every now and then, or about your music playing device flying in the air while all you want to do is fix you ponytail. In front of two football teams in the midst of their training.
Because yes, my dear friends, I was only attempting to make my ponytail tight, when all of a sudden, my phone [which happens to be my music playing device] literally flew from my hand, did a few tumbles in the air, before falling down on the floor. Not only did I have to stop my magnificent [not so much, salt 'n pepper alert] stride, but I had to do it while a bunch of boys who trained for their rugby/football games, watched, entertained. What is more to add, is that I was beginning to resemble a witch, with my unkempt hair flying out of the barrettes and the ponytail! Oh, the theatrical humiliation.
Now, I didn't hear the snickering, but my paranoia-induced ears detected an invisible and unescapable sound that I tried covering with my heavy, out of shape breath. Yay!

So whenever you want to go running after having neglected to train for about two years, first, do it in private, so that you won't show how out of shape you are. Second, get any little bag or accessory to keep your music-player inside, because you wouldn't want to worry about carrying it while you run.

Oh, and a tip to start training, buy new shoes, they are super motivational!

Sarette, with a lil' bit of sweat.
[the rime scheme is supposed to make you laugh not to have you be disgusted. So laugh, please]


  1. i agree with your tip !! new shoes are definitely motivational...they led me to the treadmill on my balcony...walked half an hour..and that was the last i saw of them..!! i miss those shoes


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