how to ruin a perfectly good night.

Here in Lebanon, where the grass is not green, and the girls not pretty (thanks to some excessive visits they pay to our ever-so-abundant plastic surgeons), there is another horrible fact. The electricity problem. And yes! I believe that this sad reality might have made is way to contemporary lebanese literature. However, having no electicity is one way to ruin a potentially good night at the mountains. There are other ways!
So how can your night be ruined?
First, you have to live in Lebanon. Second there has to be no electricity after 12 midnight, because, really, who needs the electric insect repellent to function all night long? Mmm. (a little bit of anger boiling up) Third, it has to be during the summer. Fourth (and this here is a consequence of the aforementioned, you have to have an army of fleas having an orchestra right outside your ears (both of them). Fifth, you have to be waking up at 4:15AM, playing cut the rope on your (nearly dying) phone, listening to some stray dogs (and elephants) howl outside your room. Ok maybe the elephant part is far-fetched, but in my defense, i swear i could hear them! Sixth, you have to remember 'The Flea' poem you did a presentation about in literature class, and wonder whose blood yours is mixed to in that flea's little body. Seventh, someone has to have been snoring in the house at some point, making your going back to sleep all the more impossible. (please note that the fleas' little concert is nowhere near done, and that it is equipped with a surround sound technology exclusive to your bed). Finally, you're all awake and it's 6AM, is there really any hope for you to go back to bed? Not if you live in the house of early risers. (somewhat like the house of the rising sun, but not that similar).

So, in order not to ruin that night completely, first, forget about outsmarting those fleas. That's impossible. And second, write about it in your blog! :)



  1. haha this is great! explains the phenomena of my family's early sobhiyehs.

  2. hahaha..i can so imagine you in this situation :*


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